"We offer a creative destination for kids in a play cafe they can call their own."- A Play Cafe for Kids​

Welcome to Liddle Bites Play Cafe.   We are an uniquely styled play space for kids.  Having a boutique feel, we are best know for our Life Size Doll House and our indoor play space with imaginative play houses and shops. We have a range of toys and activities from crawlers to children up to age 8 that love imaginative play.  We have pre-packed snacks and beverages that can be enjoyed in our cafe area. 
Throughout the store there is a full selection of trendy merchandise and toys for sale that compliment our store and services.  We have many classes and events throughout the year as well as our open play sessions.  Liddle Bites Play Cafe is also a great place to have a birthday party!

Remember your socks! (Adults and Children)  See you at open play!

My name is Ingrid Ceniceros, and I am the owner of Liddle Bites Play Cafe. This play cafe has been on my heart for over 10 years now, a play space for my community.  It has been a long process and I thank God for his leading.  As I prayed about this dream, I heard God tell me to take small steps or bite size steps at a time.  So every pin on pinterest, every sketch. and idea that I have collected throughout the years has come together and Liddle Bites Play Cafe became a reality.  

I hope you enjoy Liddle Bites Play Cafe as this is a place for my children as well as yours.


Ingrid Ceniceros


Liddle Bites Play Cafe