One Visit $10 per child / $7crawlers 

This price is for one visit: A visit means that you can stay as long as you would like during open play hours.  This visit price does not allow visitors to leave and come back and use again.

Family Visit $25

 Up to 4 children within that family.  One child and for siblings in one family only.   Does not allow for friends or extended family to use this visit price.

5 Visit Punch Card $45 /10 Visit Punch Card $80 

Can be used for one child and for siblings in one family only.  Does not allow for friends or extended family to use this punch card.   

We do not charge per hour for play visits but have an affordable per visit price to make each visit an enjoyable time within our open play schedule.    

We look forward to your visit and hope that you enjoy your play time with us at Liddle Bites Play Cafe.